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In 2020, in celebration of our twentieth year in operation, with more than US$2 million raised and expended to uplift humanity, The Luce Global Exchange Program is being launched, initially to bring Chinese, Japanese, Canadian, Indian and Indonesian high school students to New York City.

Global College Admissions

We also assist international high school students apply to our recommended universities such as Harvard and Yale on America’s East Coast, Marietta and Wooster in America’s Midwest, along with universities in North Sulawesi (Indonesia), Bihar (India), and Kingston (Jamaica).


Online Application (here)

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, whether you want to go abroad or stay home, The J. Luce Foundation offers many opportunities to help foster worldwide understanding built on international friendships.


High School
Students stay with a host family in another country and go to school for a year or more.


Community Service
Young adults – 18 and older – work as a volunteer in a community service organization or business abroad while learning skills, a new language and culture.


Host a student or young adult for a year, a semester, or a few months. As a host family, you will bring into your family an international son or daughter, sister or brother or adult friend.


Luce Global Exchange Program

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